It all started in a stylist chair.

Ashely being a busy working mom of 3, was getting her hair done by a new stylist, that her friend Simone introduced her to.  It was a win-win because the stylist had a referral program that rewarded both of them for supporting her business. 

While getting her hair done (if you’re a blonde too, I’m sure you can relate, these are never short appointments.) she realized that for the first time, in a long time, she actually had some time to herself. Her kids weren’t there to request her attention, she was done telling her stylist her life story (you know how that goes) and she was also caught up on her emails … yet found herself bored.  

On this particular visit, Ashely was staring at everything in the studio from the decor, to her stylist’s eyelashes as well as the homemade jewelry items for sale on the counter.  Although Ashely had spent the better half of the appointment looking up influencers with large platforms, she was compelled to shop and support someone she knew personally, her hairstylist!  And that got her thinking…Ashely, really loved so much about her hairstylist style and wanted to know where she bought her decor, who did her eyelashes, how was the coffee shop next door and that’s when she had her “aha” moment.  

Ashely, quickly knew that Simone would be the perfect partner with her influencer experience and her personal efforts to support her own network first.  Ashely and Simone made it their personal mission to find a way to support and reward everyday people for referring products; not only high-profile influencers. That’s why they created a bubble where people can shop and support their friends when they are bored! 


At bubble bored, we believe everyone should have a platform to share products and services to their network and get rewarded for doing so.  We live in a world where the number of followers on your social media platform defines how you get rewarded for socially selling. We want to burst this bubble!  Lets face it, becoming a high profile influencer takes a lot time. Our mission is to connect with our favorite brands and to build a community for anyone who wants to promote products and earn extra money instantly. 


Why people have joined the bubble.

Enjoy Shopping While Supporting Small Businesses!